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Official Crowhouse T-Shirts

T-shirts featuring the above image can now be purchased directly from the In Lak'ech Foundation
for $20 each plus $7 postage within Australia and $15 for orders outside Australia.
Shirts come in Black, White, Grey, Sand or Charcoal.
Available in all size, XS, S, M, L, XL including Ladies tank tops (white & grey only)

To purchase a shirt please use the donate link below being careful to name "T-Shirt"
as the reason for the donation and to specify size, color and include a valid shipping address

(sand t-shirt)

Due to paypal continually and repeatedly hampering any efforts to collect any funds via this website. Unfortunately the only way to now purchase a T-Shirt is to make a direct deposit contribution to the In Lak'ech Foundation HERE stating "Tshirt" as the reason for the contribution and then sending a message via THIS PAGE to inform me of the purchase and specify size and color and shipping address.

My apologies for the rigmarole and many thanks to those of you who bought one while you were able.