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Syria Story is a Fool’s Paradise
By Peter Drew (MSc) – Independent Journalist


George W Bush was infamous for the many comically calamitous lines he delivered during his presidency. But one quote he delivered, albeit very poorly, was in fact a very poignant line and one that could not be more applicable right now in Syria…”fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

What about fool me thrice? How can the architects of the current holocaust in Syria possibly think that they can fool the public with the same card trick three times in a row? Manufactured regime change in Iraq, then in Libya, and now in the sixth year of desperately attempting the same thing in Syria. On each occasion, the leader of those nations has been portrayed by the West as tyrants who are slaughtering their own people and who must be overthrown, either directly or indirectly for the good of democracy in the world, no matter how many innocent people get killed in achieving that noble goal.

Under the Geneva Convention it is an international war crime to launch military action against another nation for the purposes of regime change. Under the Geneva Convention, Iraq and Libya are clear war crimes and have been legally declared as such through numerous legitimate legal channels. If the Nuremburg trials were being held tomorrow, both George W Bush and Barrack Obama would be as guilty as all the others war criminals on trial at Nuremburg. Both Iraq and Libya have been totally destroyed as nations, and illegal regime change achieved by the West. Likewise Syria is all about Western driven regime change.

Anyone who doubts that Iraq, Libya, and Syria have not been meticulously targeted by Western political and military powers for systematic regime change need look no further than two very publicly available pieces of information. Firstly, the report published in September 2000 by PNAC (Project for a New American Century). PNAC was a Washington think tank headed up by leading Neo-Conservatives, many of whom would take up leading positions in the Bush Administration the following year. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are two of the more recognised names. The purpose of PNAC was to look at how the United States could most strongly position itself in the world in the 21st century. The 2000 PNAC report clearly outlined the need for a very different power structure across the Middle East, new government regimes who would be more compliant to US interests, and for the United States to have a much stronger influence and military presence there, including military bases. However, it also clearly stated that the public would not easily support aggressive military action in the Middle East aimed at regime change, which could make it very difficult to take the public with them.

”Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor. ...”

The events of 9/11 exactly one year later gave the PNAC Neoconservatives that catastrophic and catalysing event and the opportunity they were seeking. The second important piece of information regarding what is really happening with the Middle East holocaust occurred shortly after 9/11. In December 2001, 4-Star General Wesley Clarke made a visit to the Pentagon during which he was informed that there was a plan for the United States to invade Iraq, even though they knew there was nothing at all tying Iraq to 9/11. He was also told that this was part of an overall plan of invading and bringing down the governments of seven Middle East countries in five years. Those 7 countries being Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran. In 2007 General Clarke went public about this and his speech can be seen here.

4 Star General Wesley Clarke

“We’ve got a good military and we can take down governments” “Are we still going to war with Iraq? He said, it’s worse than that…..this is a memo that describes how we’re going to take down seven countries in five years starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off with Iran”

So, just like Iraq and Libya, regime change by Western powers has always been the plan for Syria. Everything in Syria has been manufactured by the West in just the same way as the sexed up dossiers about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Just the same as the manufactured public uprising and ‘rebellion’ was orchestrated in Libya to provide public ‘legitimisation’ for bombing Libya back to the stone ages allowing the assassination of its President and the overthrow of the government. The chemical weapons attacks in Syria in 2013 were put forward by the West in exactly the same way as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Supposed conclusive proof that legitimised Western military intervention on humanitarian grounds. The West demonised Assad for these grotesque attacks on his own people even though there were strong indications and strong evidence that the chemical weapons attacks were in fact conducted by the ‘rebel’ terrorist groups and not the Syrian government.

No condemnation by the West of the possible role that the ‘rebel’ forces could have played in these terrible crimes against the innocent Syrian public. Just blanket condemnation of President Assad and the Syrian government. As with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no thought given to any other possible scenario, no matter how uncertain the evidence was to support their position. Just a continuation of the story that all the violence in Syria was being generated by the Syrian government against their own people. On the back of these supposed chemical attacks by the Syrian government, President Obama demanded that they now be allowed to bomb Syria into oblivion as he had done in Libya two years earlier, and how his predecessor had done in Iraq. British parliament however put paid to Obama’s war cry on this occasion. It was too much for the British public who were deeply scarred and feeling bitterly betrayed by Tony Blair’s lies and illegal destruction of Iraq.

With carpet bombing of the Syrian people by the West now off the table, a quick revising of plans was required to keep Syrian regime change on the table. The narrative at the time from the West was of a mixture of the supposedly legitimate Syrian ‘people’s rebellion’ mixed in with other more radical groups. However, within just a few months of the decision by British parliament to block the bombing option in Syria, the more radical groups in Syria suddenly morphed into something which was reported by the West as being much more extreme and was suddenly branded as ISIS.

A seemingly huge, global network of pure evil which had sprung up out of nowhere and was now a great threat to the whole world. Since then it is ISIS that has provided the narrative for a massive escalation in the level of Western arming, funding, and training of groups in Syria who are fighting the Assad regime. These same ‘rebel’ groups are now well known to be extreme radical terrorist groups affiliated to Al Qaeda such as Al Nusra, and many of them coming from other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Not an internal uprising of the Syrian people for their freedom over tyranny as the Western powers keep telling the world. The West has literally been in military partnership with Al Qaeda and ISIS. It is illegal regime change in Syria by the West through stealth. Western powers supporting and facilitating radical extremist terrorist groups to do what the civilised world deems illegal and immoral if done through more direct and more obvious means such as carpet bombing.

The PNAC report and General Clarke’s testimony have made it very clear what the agenda is in the Middle East. The official line for the public is that terrible things are going on in those countries, and for the good of the world and to help spread democracy and freedom, the West must either bomb them to rubble and dust, or support the ‘freedom fighters’ to do it for them. We know that Saddam Hussein, while clearly no saint, did not have any weapons of mass destruction and was not a threat to the world. Now more than one million innocent people are dead and a nation of 25 million people destroyed. When the West started its massive bombing campaign of Libya in 2011 to help overthrow President Gaddafi and his government, did they inform the public that Libya was actually the most advanced nation in Africa, was in the top 50 most advanced nations in the world, that it had free health care and free education, and that Nelson Mandela had described President Gaddafi as ‘the hero of Africa’? Libya is now a basket case of a country run by brutal terrorist extremists.

Now in Syria we have the Assad government, who were legitimately and democratically re-elected to power in 2012 with huge public support, being systematically demonised by the West in exactly the same way as President Gaddafi in Libya. It would seem that all President Assad and the Syrian Army have been doing is defending themselves and the Syrian people against radical extremist terrorists commonly referred to as ISIS and Al Qaeda, who have been proven to be recruited from other countries and actively supported by Western military and intelligence. Syria is under a massive multi-national external attack, not an internal civil war.

At the specific request of President Assad, Russia has joined with the Syrian Army to support them in that fight against ISIS and their brutal attacks on the Syrian people. As Russia’s current military intervention in Syria is at the official request of the Syrian government, it is legal under international law. All other current military action by other nations in Syria, including the United States, is illegal under international law. US Secretary of State John Kerry even admitted this himself recently when he was caught on microphone off air.

"We don’t have a basis (to intervene), our lawyers tell us, unless we have a UN Security Council Resolution which the Russians can veto or unless we are under attack from folks or unless we are invited in. Russia is invited in by the legitimate regime," said Kerry acknowledging the Assad government’s stature under the doctrines of international law. (US Secretary of State John Kerry)

Yet incredibly, despite this, Russia has now also been universally demonised by the West in a vicious propaganda smear campaign and blamed for war crimes in Syria simply for supporting Syria defend itself against ISIS as requested by the Syrian government.

When the world looks at the daily news of what is allegedly happening in Syria there is another important recent disclosure that needs to be considered. It has now been officially admitted that the Pentagon has more than a half billion dollar budget which it has been using to engage the services of British PR company Bell Pottinger in the Middle East. Bell Pottinger’s function is seemingly to create manufactured images and footage in the Middle East that supports a specific political narrative. Presumably this would be the narrative that the United States government wishes to portray to the world. It would seem that the Pentagon is paying for ‘fake news’ images and footage to be created and shown to the world for political purposes. The Pentagon is paying big money for Hollywood style theatre to be created and portrayed to the world as real news.

The Bell Pottinger ‘theatre news’ seems to go very much hand in hand with the incredible piece of legislation that President Obama signed off in 2012. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (H.R. 5736) overturned the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 which banned government propaganda. The passing of HR 5736 essentially made it legal for the United States government to broadcast ‘fake news’ or deliberate propaganda through the media for political purposes, and they have allocated a huge budget to the Pentagon to do just that. We have entered a very different world here. What is real news and what is manufactured theatre? When we see small Syrian children being pulled from the rubble from the supposed attacks by the Syrian government, is this real or is it PR theatre to push the agenda set out by PNAC in 2000?

The systematic and illegal regime change that is being orchestrated across the Middle East as part of PNAC has created a holocaust the likes of which hasn’t been seen since World War 2. The devastating humanitarian cost of this is bad enough. But the current situation has the potential to escalate into something far greater and far more destructive on a global scale. The world is on a knife edge at the moment with tensions between the United States and Russia at an all-time critical level, and with nuclear options not off the table. Russia has drawn a line in the sand in Syria with regards the United States ‘Project for a New American Century’ because they know that the next step after Syria and Iran will be Russia.

So, with this in mind we would be wise to heed those ‘wise’ words of George W Bush… ”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. The world cannot afford to fall for this card trick a third time in Syria. The stakes are far too high.