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False Flag Terror in Mumbai India

Max Igan discussing the Terror Attacks in Mumbai India with Steve Johnston of and examining the evidence surrounding what is looking more and more like yet another orchestrated false flag event by the architects of the New World Order.


"It was a badly planned operation that had gone horribly wrong. The Americans executed the 9/11 attack perfectly. They managed the media very well. The Indians tried to repeat the formula but goofed up. The idiots made a complete mess of it." - Professor Zaid Hamid

"The attackers wore saffron Hindu Zionist bands, which no Muslim would tie. Within the first 5 minutes of the attack, the three ATS policemen investigating the network of terror within India's security agencies and radical right were killed.That ensured that those investigations reach a dead end. The killings also immediately shifted attention from India's domestic terrorists to Pakistan" - Professor Zaid Hamid

"During such a long coverage of the mishap not a single outlet pointed out that Hemant Karkare... was the man on the verge of uncovering the home-grown terror franchise of the Hindu extremists. No channel mentioned Colonel Purohit once during the live telecast, no not even CNN, BBC or CBS. It is sad." - Farrukh Khan Pitafi

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