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The In Lak'ech Foundation
A Humanitarian Associate -not-for-profit- Non Government Organisation

The In Lak'ech Foundation was established as a Religious, Humanitarian and Charitable Foundation for the benefit of Humankind and the Spiritual Advancement of all Life on Earth.


The Full Circle Project


"A problem can not be solved with the same level of thinking that created it"
- Albert Einstein

At this time in history, we have created a situation on this Planet that is untennable. A culture that is unsustainable. This situation has been created through actions and legal systems that have been constructed and implemented by the Governments of the world. Yet these governmenst are, and always have been, populated by Public Trustees. Therefore the remedy to our current crisis, lies not in the hands of Government, but in the hands of the people.

This stark reality has lead to the creation of the Full Circle Project.


The Mission

* To highlight the effects of rampant modernization and the loss of natural and shamanistic traditions has had, both upon the collective human psyche, and upon our home, the Earth.

* To promote the global implementation of local workshops designed to re-educate people and demonstrate the folly of basing existance wholely upon an economic model.

* To demonstrate the need to now, more than ever, blend the old ways with the new, as a means of creating an abundant and vibrant future for all.

* To promote initiatives aimed at uniting the people of the world world in a celebration of art, life and the uniqueness and diversity of human creative expression.

* To create links, connections and dialogues with the masters, the shaman, the artists, the gardeners, and the everyday people of each respective culture.

* To promote the sharing of information and empowerment via public speaking events, gatherings, festivals, workshops and ongoing community initiatives.

* To work to affect positive change through direct engagement with leaders, political figures and common people.

* To clearly show the need for mankind to reign our public trustees (Governments) back into their proper position of public servants, rather than the self styled rulers they have become. (This action must be undertaken as a matter of necessity in order to secure a viable, healthy and abundant future for all life on this planet.)

* To undertake community action initiatives enabling the people to firmly stand as an impenetrable barrier to the corporate rape, business sponsored and government approved destruction currently waging unchecked across this planet.

* To promote and commence initiatives to the reforestation the Earth.

* To work to help construct and implement local agricultural co-opperatives designed to create abundance and financial freedom for the participants.

* To Empower and fund local communities with permaculture and self sufficiency initiatives.

* To create a fund to be used for purchasing large sections of Amazonian rainforest to hold in trust for future generations.

* To expose, and free mankind from the clutches the Global Central Banking system through private initiatives undertaken by the people themselves.

* To work tirelessly to unite the peoples of Earth to the common cause of freedom and abundance for all, free of any imposed restraints or economic slavery.

* To implement descive action designed to place the balance of power back into the hands of the people of Earth.

* To embark on initiatives to bring mankind Full Circle back into a natural state of abundance through positive common sense action undertaken by the people themselves.


This Year The Gloves Come Off


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The ultimate success or failure of this project depends wholely on your participation.
If you care about this Earth, its peoples and its future, I urge you to get involved.