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Palestinians take cover from the rain around a fire inside a makeshift shelter
near damaged houses in the east of Gaza City, October 19, 2014.



Israeli Apartheid: Palestinian Villages 'Get Two Hours of Water a Week'

Israeli Army Infiltrates Gaza Borders, Raze Land

181 Illegal Jewish Settlement Units to be Built in Occupied Jerusalem

Extremist Jewish Settlers Attack Christians in Jerusalem

Racist Israeli Official Who Promoted Genocide on Facebook Now 'Fighting Incitement' on Social Media

Israeli and Egyptian Navies Open Fire at Gaza Fishermen

The Radical New Face of the Jewish Settler (Terrorist) Movement

Israeli Army Opens Fire at Homes Along Gaza Border

Israeli Bulldozers Raze Agricultural Land in al-Khalil

65,000 People Now Homeless in Gaza

Israeli Captain: “I Will Make You all Disabled”

Dozens Homeless as Israel Demolishes 12 Homes in Occupied Jerusalem

Police Release Israeli Soldier Charged with Killing Palestinian

On 1st Day of Academic Year, Israeli Occupation Forces Crack Down on Jenin Schoolchildren

Jewish Terrorists in Israel Call for Genocide of Palestinians in a Massive Rally Ignored by the Media

Israel Launches up to 50 Air Strikes on Gaza After Claiming "Rocket Attack"

After Bombing Gaza, Israel Attacks Syria’s Golan Heights

Extremist Rabbi Who Called for Slaughter of a Million Palestinians to Supervise Israel’s ‘Red Cross’

Extremist Israeli Settlers Flood Palestinians' Agricultural Lands with Sewage

Google Demonstrates Open Support for Ethnic Cleansing and‘Erases’ Palestine From the Map

Pregnant Woman Gunned Down By Israeli Terrorists At Checkpoint

85 Year Old Palestinian Run Down by Israeli Terrorists While Herding Sheep

Infant Suffocates in Israeli Pepper Spray Attack in Silwan

Extremist Israeli Settlers Break into the Aqsa Mosque

Jewish Organ Trafficking Center Where Kidnapped Syrians are Stripped of Their Entire Bodies

Israel Demolished More Palestinian Homes in Past 6 Months Than in All of 2015

Israel Creating "Cruel and Inhuman" Border Crossing Conditions for Palestinians

German University's Course Claims Israel Harvests Palestinian Organs

384 Minors Among 740 Civilians Left Homeless by Israel

Jewish Extremist Groups Prepare for Anti-Aqsa Hate Fest Events Next August

Terrorist Israeli Rabbi Yisrael: All Palestinians Must Be Killed, Men, Women, Infants and Beasts

Israeli Occupation Forces Murder 12 Year Old Palestinian Boy in West Bank

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap Two Young Men in Huwara Town

Israeli Bill to Deprive Prisoners of Financial Rights

Israeli Bill Proposes Fines of $78,000 for Every Anti-Occupation Post on Social Media

Israeli Army Opens Fire on Palestinian Homes, Land Along Gaza Borders

How Israel Convinces Americans Palestine Occupies Israel

Terrorist Israeli Settler Runs Over Sheep Flock Belonging to Palestinian, Killing 25

Colonel Karim Who Allowed Raping Non Jewish Women Appointed Military Chief Rabbi

20 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Terrorists in Dawn Sweep

Weaponized Water: Israel Cuts off Palestinian Access to Their Own Water Supplies

Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Without Access to Safe Drinking Water

34 Palestinians Kidnapped by IOF Including 12-Year-Old Twins

Israeli Minister Calls For Ethnic Cleansing of 300,000 Palestinians from West Bank

‘Leave No One Alive’: Terrorist Rabbi Calls for Execution of all Palestinians

Israeli Terrorist Who Burned Palestinian Baby To Death Released From Custody Without Charge

Israel Admits Cutting West Bank Water Supply, but Blames Palestinian Authority

Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source of Shepherds in West Bank Village

UN Genocide Official Warned Not to be Complicit in Israel’s Crimes

US Lawmakers Urge Obama to Act on Abuse of Palestinian Children

Think of the Gaza Strip the Next Time You Drink Tap Water

Israels New Method to Wipe Out Palestine

95% of Water in Gaza ‘Unfit For Human Use’

Under Israeli Pressure, Facebook and Twitter Delete Large Amounts of Palestinian Content

CNN Camera Catches Israeli Soldier Who Fired at, Killed Palestinian Teen

49 Facts About Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Israeli Forces Continue Systematic Attacks and Constant Aggression Against Palestine

Not One Home Rebuilt in Gaza Since 2014 Israel Aggression

Female Palestinian MP Snatched by IDF, Held Without Charge For 6 Months

VIDEO: Israel Forces Once Again Open Fire at Palestinian Farmers in Gaza

Trapped and Punished: The Gaza Civilian Population Under Operation Protective Edge

Israel Seeking to Demolish Ancient Palestinian Village

UN - More Palestinian Civilians Killed Last Year Than Any Time Since 1967

Heidi Levine - Images of Gaza

Israeli FM Vows to Defeat Hamas in Gaza and Execute 'Extremists' After Election

UNRWA Calls Gaza Situation Critical, Urges Lifting Siege

Israel is Galloping to the Next "War" in Gaza

Gaza Strip Fisherman Killed by Israeli Forces

Israeli Forces Fire at Palestinians in Southern Gaza

UNRWA: 800,000 Needy Palestinian Refugees in Gaza

UN: Ending Israeli Siege is a Prerequisite to Gaza Prosperity

Israel Destroys Thousands of Acres of Crops in Palestine

Water Running Dry for Palestinians as Israel Turns off the Taps

Gaza Strip: Israeli Attacks in the Border Areas

Israel Turns off Power to Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians in the Dead of Winter

Dahlan Supporters to Increase Insecurity and Manufacture Crisis on Egypt-Gaza Border

Israeli Forces Open Fire at Civilians in Gaza

Israeli Army Fires Tear Gas into Childrens Playground

Palestine Today 02 09 2015

Gaza on Verge of Collapse

Israel to Build 64 New Illegal Settlement Units in Occupied Jerusalem

The Ugly Truth About Israel's Actions in Gaza

UN: Israel Demolished Homes of 1,177 Palestinians in Jerusalem and West Bank in 2014

Israeli Troops Fire at Farmers in Central Gaza

UN's Gaza War-Crimes Probe Chief Quits Over 'Malicious Attacks' by Israel

Israeli Court Sentences 14 Year-Old Girl to 2 Months in Prison

Investigators Report Finds Israel Fired on Gaza Civilians Carrying White Flags

UN Agency Halts Aid to Gaza War Victims Over Lack of Funds

Gaza Struggles to Cope with Siege and Storms

UN-Israeli Reconstruction Mechanism 'Systemises Gaza Siege'

Spain FM Inspects Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Gaza

Israeli Soldiers Fire on Gaza Farmers and Bird Hunters

Snowstorm Leaves 4 Dead in Gaza

Two Infants, Man Die From Cold in Gaza

Palestine to Join ICC on April 1st

26 Burned to Death Due to Gaza Power Crisis

Palestinian President Signs to Join International Criminal Court

Palestine Files Israeli War Crimes Probe Request With ICC

Hamas Leader Warns UN of Gaza Reconstruction Delay

Israeli Settlers Torch Palestinian Home in West Bank

Israeli Navy Fires on Fishermen off Gaza Coast

Israel Detains 10 Palestinians in West Bank, Fires on Gaza Fishermen

After Summer War, Winter Exacerbates Hopelessness on the Gaza Strip

Israeli IDF Launches New Wave of Terrorism Against Imprisoned Refugees in Gaza Strip

Disengagement? Israel's Interests in Gaza are Stronger Than Ever

No Escape in the Gaza Strip

War Crime: Amnesty Intl Says IDF Destroyed Gaza Blocks as Collective Punishment

Israeli Terrorists Chop Down Olive Trees in Palestinian Village

Israeli Navy Fires on Gaza Fishermen

Israel Detains 22 Palestinians in Illegally Occupied West Bank, Fires on Gaza

Israel Rejects Turkish Aid to End Gaza Power Crisis

1,000s Evacuated as Heavy Flooding Hits Gaza Strip

Palestinian Injured by Israeli Fire in Northern Gaza Strip

UN Declares State of Emergency in Gaza Strip

Waving the Palestinian Flag at Protests to Be Illegal Under Israel's New Anti-Terror Plan

Senior UN official Calls for Lifting the Siege of Gaza

Rafah Closure Punishes Palestinians in Gaza

Right of Return Act - H.R.5734 - aka Death to Palestine Act

Egyptian President Says His Regime is Ready to Protect Israel (Support Palestinian Genocide)

Egypt Closes Schools In Sinai Towns As Area Inches Toward Open War

Egypt to Evacuate, Then Level City of Rafah to Seal Border with Gaza Strip

Human Rights Groups Denounce Israel's Refusal To Allow Independent Commission of Inquiry Into Gaza

Israel Bans Dr Gilbert From Gaza For Life

Israel Refuses to Cooperate With U.N. Gaza Investigation

Israeli Attacks on Fishermen in the Gaza Sea

‘Occupation Masquerading as Civil Rights’: Israel to Extend its Laws into West Bank

Rebuilding Gaza Needs Freedom and Normality, Not Just Aid

1,300 Palestinians Illegally Arrested by Israel Since June - 40% of them Children

Israel Claims Another 1,000 Acres of Land in West Bank for its Illegal Settlement Program

Israel Committed War Crimes in Gaza Strip, Says Amnesty Report

Israeli Ministers Pass Bill Jailing Stone Throwers For 20 Years

UN Kicks Off Stateless People Campaign, But Omits Palestinians

Gaza Cut Off: Israel Closes Border Crossings Indefinitely

Flooding Hits Beseiged and Impoverished Palestine

Gaza Ministry: Rafah Crossing with Egypt Still Closed

Israel to Shut Gaza Crossings Indefinitely

Palestinians Risk Lives to Escape from Gaza

Egypt, Israel Turning Gaza Into Super-Max Prison

Egypt Demolishes Houses on Border with Gaza Strip

Several Palestinians Kidnapped During Israeli Actions Across West Bank and Gaza

The Eradication of Sinai and Gaza

More Than One Israeli Attack on Gaza Per Day in September Since Ceasefire Began

Attack in Sinai Al-Arish Checkpoint Kills 30 Security Personnel

Egypt Closes Gaza Border Due to Al-Arish Checkpoint Attack

Israeli Terrorists Fire on Farmlands in Southern Gaza

The Lawful Façade of Israel’s Discriminatory Policies in East Jerusalem

Like ISIS in Iraq, Settlers in Jerusalem Must Be Stopped

Israel Denies Former IFJ’s Chief Entry to Palestine

Palestinian Struggle Symbolizes All Oppressed

Safeguarding Gaza’s Ancient Past

UK MPs Pass Motion to Recognize Palestine as a State

A Siege of Inertia: Israel's Non-Policy on Gaza

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Fishing Boats In Gaza in Israels 10th Breach of Ceasefire

Israel Bars Building Materials From Gaza

Israeli Tanks Breach Ceasefire - Enter Gaza and Open Fire at Farms

Officials Call For Unity Govt in Gaza

Times of Israel Article: "When Genocide is Permissible"

Three Israeli Soldiers Commit Suicide

Apartheid Israel to Build 'Smart Fence' Around Beseiged Gaza Strip

Jewish Extremist Moshe Feiglin Calls for Concentration Camps in Gaza (already the worlds largest open air prison for the collective punishment of 1.8 million people) and The Conquest of The Entire Gaza Strip

Witnesses at Russell Tribunal Provide Evidence of Israeli Crimes Against Humanity

Russell Tribunal: Evidence of Incitement to Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza

Displaced Gazans Still Waiting for Solutions, Brace Themselves for Cold Winter

Desperate Gazans Frustrated by Hamas-Fatah Squabbles

Gaza Fishermen Under Fire at Sea

Israeli Terrorists Spray "Skunk Water" Into Palestinian Homes

Gaza Medics Go Door to Door to Treat Thousands of War Wounded

Israel Forces Gaza Fishermen to Undress in Attack Violating Ceasefire Deal

Gaza: Hundreds of Children Permanently Disabled Due to Israeli Aggression

Fleeing Gaza, Only to Face Treachery and Disaster at Sea

Former IDF Soldier Calls on Americans to Stand Up to Israeli War Crimes

Israeli Intelligence Veterans Refuse to Serve in Palestinian Territories

Israel Ploughing Ahead With Illegal Settlement Plan Despite Criticism at Home and Abroad

Israel Cancels New Settlements Plans Due to International Pressure

As the World Watched Gaza, Israel Announced 1472 New Illegal Settlements in West Bank

IDF Terrorists Sniping Palestinian Children (video)

A Day in the Life: The Story of One Brave Teenager Living in Gaza

Apartheid Israel - West Bank Settlers Demand Palestinian-Free Buses

Israeli police detain a Palestinian boy following clashes after Friday prayers
in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi al-Joz, October 24, 2014

Operation "Protective" Edge

The 2014 Genocidal Aggression and Ethnic Cleansing by the state of Israel against the beseiged and impoverished refugees imprisoned in the Gaza Strip.

Conversations With Gaza

Gaza - Aerial Video Shows the Scale of Destruction

Israeli Warships Open Fire on Palestinian Fishing Boats in Defiance of Ceasefire

Kuwait Delivers 7,000 Food Packages to Gaza Strip

UN Official: Gaza Looks Like it Was Hit by a Tsunami

Gaza Ceasefire Announced As Hamas Claims Long-Term Truce Reached with Israel

Israel Leveling High-Rise Buildings in Gaza

Air Strikes Pound Gaza as Israel Presses Offensive

Netanyahu Warns Gaza Civilians After Israel Destroys Apartment Block

Jerusalem More Divided Than Ever

Israel Fabricated Rocket-Fire to Launch Deif Assassination

Gaza Agriculture Devastated by Israeli Offensive – UN

Israeli Ship Blocked By Port Of Oakland Protesters

Israeli Negotiators Ordered Back From Truce Talks as IDF, Hamas Resume Fire

Gaza Ceasefire Extended by a Day After Cairo Talks

Israel Bars Amnesty, Human Rights Watch Workers from Gaza

Gaza Ceasefire Set to End at Midnight August 18th

10,000 Protest in Tel Aviv For an End to Occupation

Long-Term Israel Truce Will Be Signed After End of Five-Day Ceasefire

Israel Wreaks Havoc on Gaza Strip

Israel Unleashes "Death Ray" on Gaza Strip ..?

Israel Used Banned DIME Munitions in Gaza "War" (Genocide)

Hamas Offers Israel 10 Conditions For a 10 Year Truce

Israel Detains over 1000 Palestinian Anti-War Activists

Irish Senator Condemns Gaza Massacre, “Nazi Talk” by Israelis

The Psychological War Against Gaza

Boycott Israeli Products App Gets 350,000 Supporters

Palestinians Flee Homes as Truce Ends

A Manifesto For The Planned Ethnic Cleansing Of The Gaza Strip

Gaza And the Loss of Civilization

An Open Letter to Mankind Regarding Gaza

The Reality of The Crisis in Gaza

An Open Letter For the People in Gaza

Things Just Got a Lot Worse for The People in Gaza

Bolivia Declares Israel a Terrorist State

Gaza Conflict a Massacre - Brazilian President

Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz - Israel Genociding Palestinians

George Galloway MP Speech - The Crisis Of Palestine

Pictures From Gaza

Gaza Genocide: Israels 4 Billion Dollar Gas Grab

France Openly Embraces Ethnic Cleansing - Bans All Pro-Palestinian Protests

Israel Using Illegal Weapons Against People of Gaza

Doctor in Gaza Reports Israeli Use of Banned Weapons

Gaza Death Toll Rises as Ground Invasion Begins

**WAR CRIME ALERT** Israel Dropping Cancer-Inducing Bombs on Gaza

Front Row Seats, Popcorn and Cheering from Israel as Children are Bombed

Israel Deploys Ground Troops (Sanctioned Terrorists) to Defenceless Gaza Strip

Anti-Israel Rallies Held in London

Strong Indication Teens Were Kidnapped by Israeli Extremists
Netanyahu Knew But Bombed Gaza Anyway!

Genocidal Maniac Benjamin Netanyahu Vows to Keep Bombing Gaza

The Shocking Aftermath of Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza

Netanyahu Govt Knew Teens Were Dead as it Whipped Up Racist Frenzy

Jerusalem “Lynch Mobs” Attack Palestinians After Israeli Teens’ Funerals

Israeli Lawmaker’s Call for Genocide of Palestinians

Israel Hits 200 Sites in Gaza

Israel Conducts Massive Airstrikes - Gaza Fires Tiny Home Made Rockets

Caught on Camera: Israeli Police Beating 15yo Arab/American Boy

Genocidal Maniac Benjamin Netanyahu Vows to Keep Bombing Gaza

Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza Strip

Israel Prepares For Possible Gaza Ground Operation

Israeli Planes Bomb Gaza Strip Following Grisly Murder of Palestinian Boy

Israel Strikes Gaza Strip

Israel Bombs Gaza Strip, Masses Army on Border

Gaza is Burning

Palestinian Boy Burned Alive By Jewish Extremists

Algeria Team Donate Brazil World Cup Earnings to People of Gaza

Israeli Police Fire On Palestinian Crowd and NBC News Crew

Israeli Settlers Kidnap, Burn and Kill Palestinian Boy in Jerusalem

Israel Rushes Forces to Southern Gaza Border

'We'll Turn Membership of Hamas into a Ticket to Hell' -Palestinians' Homes Trashed







Destruction of Palestine - How Israel Was Created

800,000 Palestinians Imprisoned By Israel Since 1967

Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images

Israeli "Settlers" Destroy Olive Trees in West Bank

Israel Suspends Peace Talks in Response to Palestinian Unity Deal

Special Report: “800,000 Palestinians Imprisoned By Israel Since 1967

Warmongering Israel Declares Another Palestinian Village a "Closed Military Zone"

Israel Wants to Destroy Palestinian Existence

Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza

Israel Prepares to Attack Women and Children in Gaza Strip

Israel Plans to "Legalize" 4 Settler Units in Occupied West Bank

Settlers Set Fire to Olive Trees Near Hebron

U.N. Rights Inquiry Says Israel Must Remove Settlers

UN Report Sets Stage for Hague Case Against Israel

Hebron Group: 3rd Intifada Has Begun

Umm al-Sahali: Life in a Fading Palestinian Village

Israel Announces Plans For 3,000 More Illegal Housing Units in West Bank

Israel to Suspend Palestinian Authority Funds After UN Vote

Is Netanyahu Trying to Make the Two-State Option an Impossibility?

Israel Threatens to Assassinate Islamic Jihad Leader if He Enters Gaza

Israeli Bulldozers Illegally Assault West Bank Villages

Palestinian War Crimes Case Faces Long Road

Press TV News Analysis – Israeli Settlements/Western Complicity

Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza

Gaza - It's Mostly Punishment

As Gaza is Savaged Again, Understanding the BBC's Historical Role is Vital


Iran Urges Israel to Join NPT

Israels Next War May be with Gaza, not Syria

Gaza Factions Mull Armistice

Israel Warns Hamas and Prepares for a New Wave of Genocide in Gaza

Egypt To Start Destroying Gaza's Tunnel Lifelines

Gaza - The Worlds Largest Open Air Prison

Embargo on Gaza to be "Broken from within" with Gaza Arak Ship

Western Governments Fail to Protect Their Citizens Killed by Israel

Rachel Corrie Verdict Exposes Israeli Military Mindset

Rachel Corrie Verdict Gives Israel a License to Commit Crimes - Analyst