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Australia In Decline


Counter Terrorism Operations in Sydney (in Preparation for the Police State Roll-out)

Australian Defence Force to Conduct Domestic Counter Terrorism Training in Sydney 7 - 18 Sept 2015

A Chilling Step Closer to Australian Secret Police

Australian High Court Commits Treason Against the Nation

Australia: Refuse Vaccination, Lose $15,000

Australia is Committing Genocide on a Scale Unequalled Anywhere in the Modern World

Over 400 "Suspicious People" Now Being Stopped for Questioning Every Day at Australian Airports

Police State Australia: Police to Get Power to Secretly Search Suspect's House

Tony Abbott Announces Deployment to Combat ISIL

Fear For the People: Beheading Attack 'Could' Have Taken Place 'Within Days' Claims Tony Abbott

"Terrorism Suspects" in Detention: Police Won't Say How Many Are Being Held

Government Fear Mongering Creates a New Wave of Islamophobia in Australia

Police State Australia: Reduction in Freedom Necessary 'To Save Lives From Terrorism Threat'

Police State Australia: Tony Abbott Says 'Security May Come Before Some Freedoms'

Australia's Imbecile Prime Minister Tony Abbott Places Australia On High Terror Alert (yawn)

Mother Stopped at Sydney Airport, Charged With Supporting Terrorism

Australian Foreign Policy Was Subcontracted to Jewish Donors

Lies, Exploitation And The Australian Media's Pursuit Of Schapelle Corby

Fleet of Drones to Patrol Australia's Borders

The Propaganda Arrest of Ben Adam Wilson Under Qld's Nazi VLAD Legislation

Queenslands New 'Bikie Laws' Likened to Nazi Era

Officers Who Question Qld Police Crackdown Told to 'Reconsider Their Future'

Watchdog Asleep on Australia's Sub-Prime Scandal

Pedeophile Rings Protected by Police and Politicians in Australia

Australia: Compulsory Mental Health Care Could Go Private

Vaccinate Your Children or Declare Why Not - Australian Parents Told

Australian Children to be Sterilized Without Parental Consent Under New Eugenics Law

Australia Facing Corruption Crisis

Grand Theft Australian Govt Style - Inactive Bank Accounts About to be Seized

Fire Breaks Out at Australian Nuclear Facility

Making the World a More Dangerous Place - The Eager Role of Julia Gillard

Australian Government Seeks Changes to the Constitution

Australian Police Handed Data on MYKI Users

Julia Gillard’s Corrupt Past Raised in Parliament

People to Face Hefty Fines for Telling the Truth About Price Rises Due to Carbon Tax

NSW Government to "Press Ahead" With Coal Seam Gas Mining

Coal Seam Gas Opponents Labelled as "Extremists" by NSW Minister

Australian Cities Among the Most Expensive

Australian Govt says - Inject Your Children or Lose Money

Australian Smart Meter Scam Exposed

Airport Body Scanners to be Rolled out Across Australia

Australians Prepare for the Rollout of Full Body Scanners in July 2012

Australia Becomes First to Ban Travelers Who Refuse Naked Body Scanners

Australia's Hitlerian New Carbon Bill & The "Big Brother Clause"

Brigalow Corporation & The Loss of Ownership Rights in Australia

Censorship comes to Australia

Fortescue Metals Group & The Great Native Title Swindle

Gillard Regime to Turn Australia into a Nuclear Waste Dump

Global Warming Exploited to Steal Aussie Land

Julia Gillard’s Rise Marks the Triumph of Machine Politics over Feminism

Proposed Mental Health Bill in Western Australia - Children to be Sterilized.
12 Year Olds Can Consent to Psychosurgery and Electroshock!

Sydney Police Murder Man With Taser

Victorian Police Issued with Untried Double Barrel Tasers

U.S. Military Base Planned for Australia

Australian Preschoolers To Be Subject To Mental Health Checks

The Australian Government Now Spies on its Citizenry More that the US Does

Julia Gillard Caught Out as the Liar That She Is

Australian Govt Media Caught In Censorship of Historical Archaeological Findings

Zionist Propaganda: Holocaust Study Now Mandatory for Australian Schools

Australian Defence Force to Sell off 1000's of Vehicles and War Equipment

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome