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What is Your Stake in the Outcome? - 09/17/16

Belief is the Enemy of Knowledge - 09/15/16



This Page also contains links to various articles written by Max Igan
and currently hosted on the Sifume.Guru Website



Remember, We are all Human Here - 7/22/2016

One of the things most responsible for the current human predicament is a loss of self. People have simply forgotten who, or perhaps more correctly what, they truly are. People simply don't seem to realise that all those who presume to control them via the machinations of Government are all simply people, exactly as they themselves are people. It is this loss of self that has, to a large extent, led to the current human condition... READ MORE



Enlightenment is a Destructive Process - 5/7/2016

Life is a wondrous gift. It truly is. It never ceases to amaze me. The mere fact that I am alive, that I can hear and see and taste and touch is incredible. And not only can I touch, but I can also feel, both as a physical sensation and as an inner perspective, as an emotion. To me, this is truly incredible. It is something I often mediate on. The experience of life itself. The mere existence of my spark of consciousness in this world of sensation. Because that is what it is, a world of physical... READ MORE



Awakening to a Stark Reality - 5/4/2016

People in the modern world are quite literally waking up in droves and it's really no surprise. For many it comes as a slow or perhaps even a sudden realization that something is terribly wrong. And it soon becomes apparent what the problem is... READ MORE



The Power Below The Surface - 4/7/2016

What if we were powerful beyond measure? What if we were each individually capable of the most amazing things and collectively, to possess a creative potential so vast and wondrous that it cannot even be measured by any known standards? And what if our true potential had been purposely hidden from us and an enormous amount of effort had been undertaken to keep it that way? ... READ MORE



An Idea Whose Time Has Come - 3/11/2016

The world just gets crazier by the moment. Yet with all the fear and foreboding, and every sense of unease that comes with it, through it all there still shines a growing sense of clarity, a feeling that the masses are awakening and that they are beginning to move. And how could they not? Because the world is indeed getting crazier and crazier all the time... READ MORE



The Biggest Conspiracy Of All - 2/12/2016

When people look at the world today, it can sometimes just be downright depressing. There's just no other word for it. And isn't it interesting how rapidly the world has changed and become this way over the last few years? It really has happened quite quickly. One minute we were free and most were looking forward to a bright future, then, somehow we found ourselves in the world of today where our governments are completely out of control, our police have been militarized, Europe is falling apart... READ MORE



Everything is Backwards - 1/13/2016

The level of deception to which the human race has been subject is today, so vast and all-encompassing in its scale that it can barely even be measured. We now live in a world where our air is hardly fit to breathe, our food is hardly fit to eat, our water has deteriorated to the point that we buy it in bottles, our health systems sell sickness, our education systems misinform, our money systems promote debt, our peace policies promote war, our media promotes lies, and our Governments remove our...READ MORE



A Call to Action Against Modern Slavery - 12/22/2015

The biggest problem facing the human species today is a loss of self, and truly the biggest hurdle we have to overcome, lies in regaining a knowledge of that self. This may seem like a strange statement to make and a somewhat esoteric approach to dealing with social issues, however it remains a fact. A loss of self, and essentially a knowledge of who and what we are as individuals is the root cause of all of mankind's woes... READ MORE



Identifying the Matrix - 12/18/2015

There are many people today who are now very aware that the world is not what it seems. Though the vast majority have traditionally put their faith in government to solve social issues for them, the current global situation has caused people to pause and large numbers are now beginning to question whether that faith may have been misplaced. In fact many are doing so quite openly... READ MORE



The Conflict in Syria and Worldwide - 12/3/2015

There can be no doubt that the world we see at the onset of Yule tide 2015 is one that is very different from any we have seen before. There is a certain unease in the minds of all. Though many may perceive it as the looming spectre of worldwide terrorism, there is still a feeling in most people of something darker and more sinister that lays below the surface of what is presented by Politicians and the mainstream media. And these feelings are well justified. For terrorism, in all its manifestat... READ MORE